If you’re new to the Jacksonville area and are visiting this page as part of your search for a new dentist, we want to say: “Welcome!”

We also want to help. Last week, we discussed the important points to research before deciding on a dentist to meet. In this post, we offer some discussion points to think about during your initial visit.

Visiting the Office

An image showing Dr. Rittenberg's office.

Looking for a dentist in Jacksonville? Stop by our office for a tour and a free initial consultation with Dr. Rittenberg.

Most offices welcome prospective patients for a tour. We recommend that you call a few dentists you’ve researched and ask to visit them. You’ll get to see the whole office and determine if you like the atmosphere. All offices strive for a clean, sterile feel, but the waiting rooms and treatment rooms can have different décor and organizations. If you have kids, does the waiting room have books, games, or toys available? Do the treatment rooms play music to your taste? These are just a couple of questions you can answer with a tour.

Note: a tour is especially recommended if you suffer from dental anxiety because selecting an office that can help you relax is paramount.

Speaking with the Dentist

Dentists differ in many ways. A few examples include:

  • Their emphasis on cosmetic dentistry.
  • How frequently they require an x-ray.
  • Their communication style.
  • Use of traditional techniques versus new technology.

Speaking with the dentist is the best way to get insight on these topics. Most important of all, this introductory chat will help you decide how comfortable you are with him or her. Do you find you can communicate easily, and does the dentist listen to your questions and concerns?


These days, dentist offices have the ability to create a community feel through social media and the Internet. They can run service specials, post pictures, and give helpful tips online. They also can present important forms online, which can be filled out ahead of the first appointment.

Other aspects to consider: does the office do appointment reminders? What is their cancellation policy? Do they have financing and payment plan options?

If You’re New to Jacksonville

We’d be happy to be your local dentist office. Please call us at 904-384-4391 or visit www.drrittenberg.com to get insight on all the issues raised in this article or to book your first visit.