Each year Dr. Rittenberg and his entire staff attend a continuing education conference together. This spring we were among 30,000 other delegates at the Hinman Dental Conference in Atlanta, Georgia!

We came back with lots of great ideas from the several courses each of us took!


  1. Dr. Rittenberg’s favorite course was in 3-D technology X-rays (cat-scans), which will allow our office to diagnose more completely. This technology is especially helpful in determining if there is an appropriate amount of bone available for dental implants.
  1. The Hygienists and Assistants learned the latest products and techniques in whitening and conservatively treating gum disease.
  1. From a practice management side, we got some great ideas on fine tuning our scheduling. So far, our “seating on time” statistics have improved tremendously.
  1. Our main purchases this year at the products exhibits were:
  • A state-of-the-art digital dental camera to document our cases and to more easily show patients what they normally cannot see.
  • We expanded the “Isolite” treatment appliance to all rooms. This is an awesome device that isolates the area of treatment by protecting the tongue and cheek. It also suctions at the same time reduces treatment time by about 20%! (Less time in the chair is a good thing, right?)
  • We also purchased another nitrous oxide system. As you know, we believe in comfortable dental visits! There should now always be one available without waiting for anyone that would like to have it during treatment.


Of course, we also had fun meeting for dinner at night. The camaraderie that is built at a “retreat” atmosphere like this is one reason why we have such a unified, harmonious team.

It is our privilege to serve you and we will continually strive to pursue excellence.