No surprises with new smile!

Making a change in your smile can be exciting but can create some apprehension. What will I look like? Will I still look like me? Will it look natural? , etc….

We have developed in our office an almost fool-proof way of getting you the exact smile you are looking for with cosmetic veneers. Here are the steps to ensure there are no surprises.
1) We begin by taking a photo and models of your current smile.
2) We discuss it together, look at other smiles and get an idea of what will look best.
3) We then create from your original picture a virtual picture of what your smile should look like, based on our discussion.
4) We discuss this new smile picture together and make sure we’re on track
5) We then create a 3-dimensional “ wax-up” of this smile to look at to better get a feel for it
6) Once approved, we create temporaries to actually wear on your teeth to see how you like it
7) We can alter any changes at this time. Usually, because of all the previous steps, there is very little tweaking.
8 ) Once you wear them for a while and approve of them, we create your permanent smile designed from an exact impression of the approved temporaries
9) And finally, we have the laboratory technician chairside at delivery for any final tweaking of shading or other minor changes so everything is exact!
10) No Surprises!.. Just a beautiful smile!