Sliding dentures can result in pain and embarrassment as they most often come loose while the wearer is eating or speaking. We offer one of the most advanced solutions to this problem: mini implants. In this post, we’ll detail how mini implants work, how they compare to other solutions, and who should consider this procedure.

Comparison with Other Denture Stability Solutions

In the past, two solutions were common: adhesives or implant surgery. While dental adhesives required no surgery, they often increased a patient’s saliva and had an unpopular taste. Surgery fixed the problem permanently, but required a lot of money (double the cost of a typical mini implant procedure), painful incisions, and long post-surgery recoveries.

Two elderly people enjoying dinner

Mini implants enable you to go out to dinner and enjoy conversation without worrying about your dentures.

How Mini Implants Work

This new procedure, however, achieves permanent denture stability without the cost, messiness, or pain of the older solutions. Mini implants require only local anesthetic. Slim titanium rods are grafted into the patient’s jawbone and become anchors for the prosthetic. Unlike full implants, these rods have a much narrower diameter, which makes the grafting less painful and the procedure less expensive. The insertions are completed in one visit to the dentist and cause minimal disruption to the patient’s day. In fact, the mini implants could be inserted in the afternoon and the patient could be free to go out to dinner in Jacksonville that night.

Who Should Consider Mini Implants?

If you’re interested in this solution, contact our office and schedule a consultation. During this meeting, we’ll describe the procedure in detail as well as make an assessment of your jawbone. If you don’t have enough bone for full implants, you’re a prime candidate for this new, exciting procedure. The consultation will also cover cost and payment options.

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