I wanted to take the time to share with you something I think about quite often. I am grateful for having an amazing staff. Allow me to share with you what I have the privilege of experiencing every working day.

I am amazed at how well everyone gets along sharing the common goal: “What’s best for the patient?”  Starting at the front desk, Miriam, our office manager, has been helping our patients and staff for over 30 years! No one does it better. Robin, who began with our office over 20 years ago, is a very versatile team player. Originally a dental hygienist, Robin can also pitch in to help us with dental treatment.  Catherine, who recently joined us on a part-time basis, is very persistent in helping our patients to
maximize their insurance benefits by filing and following up with claims.

Let’s not forget our dedicated dental assistants. Linda has been assisting me nearly 25 years and we joke that after all these years she knows what I’m thinking before I even think it! April joined us over 5 years ago, and Debbie came on board last year. These assistants are experienced, knowledgeable and skilled.

And finally, our hygiene team is first rate: Nancy (over 20 years with us), Paula (over 10 years), Kim and Erica (both over 5 years) do a great job keeping our patients healthy. The quality of treatment is outstanding. They all care so much about the patients’ well being.

So as you can see, “I’m a lucky guy”– to have the greatest staff in the world helping take care of the greatest patients in the world!

It is my pleasure and my privilege to work with such a team to help serve you better.

To your dental health,

Harris Rittenberg